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Air Permit Requirements

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Air Permit Requirements
The Challenge
  • Increased market demand required a Georgia foundry to increase production by 50% within two months time.
  • Air Permit requirements limited carbon monoxide emissions
  • A production increase would exceed permit limits causing a violation.
  • Could the facility buy and install a pollution control device in two months to meet the customers supply demands?
The Solution
  • PI Elements, Inc. was able to locate a used regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) system with the required flow capacity.
  • The RTO was shipped from the Northeast and refurbished on site.
  • PI Elements, Inc. designed and built a baghouse for installation in front of the RTO to prevent the particulate generated in the sand molding process from plugging the RTO ceramic bed.
  • PI Elements, Inc. worked with the facility to permit the “new” RTO.
  • PI Elements, Inc. utilized an alliance contractor to pour the foundations, install the RTO and baghouse, and run ductwork from the process.
  • Installation was completed within 35 days from notice to proceed.