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Emission System

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Emission System
The Challenge
  • A glass company was installing a coating line that would produce a vent gas containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and siloxane compounds.
  • Air permitting of the process required control of the VOC and siloxane emissions.
  • Combustion of the siloxane would produce particulate (SiO2) matter, which also needed to be controlled.
The Solution
  • PI Elements, Inc. designed and installed an oxidizer/baghouse system to meet the requirements of the permit.
  • The combustion chamber was designed to fire vertically downward so that the particulate generated in the combustion process would not interfere with the burner operation.
  • For reliability, two UV scanners were installed operating in parallel. One was mounted on the burner back plate and one was mounted in the combustion chamber opposite the burner flame.
  • A unique gas injector was designed to mix the waste gas with combustion air and deliver the mixture into the burner flame.
  • At the end of the combustion chamber, ambient air is automatically mixed with the 1,500°F flue gas to reduce the gas temperature to 300°F.
  • The cooled gases enter a pulse jet cleaned baghouse where the particulate is removed.