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Emissions Control

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Emissions Control
The Challenge
  • A nationally know forest products company is exceeding particulate emission limits in the causticizing area of the mill.
  • The existing cartridge filter house has failed due to overheating and particulate blinding.
  • PI Elements, Inc. proposes a hot cyclone prior to the bag filter to eliminate large particles of hot lime from entering the baghouse.
  • The new baghouse must be installed in the same location as the existing cartridge filter.
  • The installation must be done during a 10 day shutdown.
The Solution
  • PI Elements, Inc. designs a hot cyclone/baghouse system for the application.
  • PI Elements, Inc. reviews all sources of particulate and designs a capture system to ensure all particulate is collected.
  • PI Elements, Inc. evaluates how to install the new cyclone/baghouse system to meet the installation schedule of the mill.
  • PI Elements, Inc. designs baghouse so that all the bags can be removed and replaced in one action, minimizing downtime.
  • PI Elements, Inc. installs the cyclone/baghouse system in cooperation with the mill.