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Personnel Exposure Limits

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Personnel Exposure Limits
The Challenge
  • A boat manufacturer is exceeding the personnel exposure limits (PEL) for styrene in their manufacturing facility.
  • Traditional HVAC ventilation approaches (i.e. air changes per hour) were not meeting the 50 ppmv 8 hour weighted average limit.
The Solution
  • PI Elements, Inc. utilizes computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling to determine design requirements for the ventilation system.
  • The modeling indicated that the styrene was flowing out of the boats and on to the floor.
  • Modeling also indicated areas of heaviest styrene concentrations within the facility.
  • Modeling dictated bringing in fresh air from the top and exhausting at floor level.
  • PI Elements, Inc. installed the system turn-key. The system utilized an automatic control system that maintained balance between inlet and outlet flows.
  • The design was able to achieve an average PEL of 35 ppmv.
  • The design was installed successfully in two of the company’s locations.