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Thermal Oxidizer & Dry Scubber

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Thermal Oxidizer & Dry Scubber
The Challenge
  • A glass company purchased a thermal oxidizer and dry scrubber to control siloxane and chlorine emissions from a glass coating operation
  • The supplier of the control system built an up-fired oxidizer utilizing an in line burner design.
  • Combustion of the siloxane produced particulate (SiO2) that fell back into the burner plugging it and blinding the UV scanner used for the flame safety system.
  • The system would only run for 4 to 5 hours before shutting down on flame failure.
The Solution
  • PI Elements, Inc. redesigned the burner and waste gas injection system.
  • A nozzle mix gas burner was mounted tangentially on the bottom of the combustion chamber.
  • Two UV scanners were installed operating in parallel. One was mounted on the burner back plate and one was mounted in the combustion chamber opposite the burner flame.
  • A waste gas injector was designed to mix the waste gas with natural gas and combustion air at the point of entry into the combustion chamber. The design also provided for a particulate clean out.
  • The waste gas injector was mounted axially in the combustion chamber.
  • This design allowed for continuous burner operation without particulate impact. Particulate fell into the clean-out of the waste gas injector assembly and was able to be cleaned “on the fly”.